Is there anything that tugs at the heartstrings more than children without anyone to care for them? That was a rhetorical question. Actually that was a Question With a Predetermined Answer (QWPA). And if you’re struggling with the answer, the answer is no. There is nothing out there that can do this. Apart from love stories I guess. Super sappy love stories that involve danger and separation and reuniting with long lost lovers. Ok, sometimes puppies and kittens as well but generally for the sake of this post, we’re going with Orphans. They get me every time. read more

Nov 15 – Wandering Around Outside Looking for a Place to Sit Down

So I read a book recently, which I generously rated with an exalted 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.com. It was called An Altar in the Wilderness. It was written by a Western Canadian Eastern Orthodox priest named Kaleeg Hainsworth. This was an inspirational eye-opener on the spiritual consequences of progressing away from the natural world. Technology has equipped us to have little to no contact with nature in our building construction practices, clothing, food and jobs. Technology protects us from the fierce elements of the wilderness but also prevents us from receiving the healing gifts of nature and the voice of God manifested through it. read more

Nov 14, 2016 – Freedom from the Simulation Research

According to some unsubstantiated statistics, there’s a 20-50% chance that reality is fake and we are unwitting characters in some kind of virtual simulation. In fact, there are some billionaires in Silicon Valley, including Elon Musk, that are convinced what we experience as reality is actually fabricated inside a computer and are paying some scientists to help us break out. So, that’s going to be interesting. We might get stuck floating behind a bookshelf like Matthew McConaughey or stumble out onto a street of gold in heaven and be like – woah. read more

Welcome to El Salvador – Nov 13, 2016

Hello, and greetings from your trusty guest blogger for the week, Neil Gilbert. I am geared up to bring you the latest news from week one of this two week SunWest house building trip. I would advise you to expect the unexpected during the week – you may be thrilled with intrigue, captured by emotion or lulled into a gentle fog with a bit of dull writing thrown in just to keep you on your toes. Keep your head on a swivel, OK?

So, during our 6 hour layover at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, I had some time to contemplate life in America. It seems that most people during their long waits for flights, choose instead, to rate the airport. It has received a questionable 3.7 star rating on Google from an outlandish 1,573 reviews.  If you are looking for some real entertainment, check out some of the recent ones. read more