Floating up and out of Dreams

The music has started. Can you hear it? It’s time to float up another level of consciousness. This week’s dream is breaking apart, time to return to real life. Goodbye my 3 faithful readers, it’s been a pleasure.

Let me leave you with a few final thoughts. First, I’m afraid of electricity and live out each day fully expecting my electronic equipment or a lamp or some other type of specialized industrial equipment to malfunction and give me the shock of a lifetime. I imagine that my eyes are really going to bulge out when this happens, so I just keep them closed when I plug things in. That should help.

On an unrelated note, I’m into sports and am involved in a few low risk, no return sports pools with some buddies. What I’ve been noticing is that the fantasy sports world is overtaking the real world of sports. Which I find both interesting and disconcerting. In a fantasy sports pool, you select players from all different teams to be on your team and they earn points in a number of different categories. The name of my hockey pool team this year is The Healthy Scratchers (if I have to explain it, it’s not funny). Most categories can have no real relevance on the outcome of the game but in the fantasy world, carry more significance to many people than the actual score. Not only that but you can actually put money down on the fantasy results of the games and win or lose money based on the meaningless outcomes. That’s a real waste of money in my books when you could instead be actually using that money to play the sport.

OK, and also, video games – which are simulated real life experiences, right? Well nowadays, not only are people playing the games, they are joining leagues where you can compete against other gamers on the another team – and fans can come to watch the teams play. What’s next? Fans coming to watch the audience watch the teams play video games and cheer on their favourite crowd? It’s getting pretty extreme!

That’s the challenge of my world today. Layers of life all stacked up inside each other like Matryoshka dolls – a “fantasy sports doll” inside a “watching sports doll” inside a “playing sports doll”. The more layers you go in, the farther you get from the real life stuff and the people out there in the hot sun, exposed to the elements. I think I speak for the whole team this week when I say this has been our realization – the affluence that protects us can make us think there are no needs. There are needs and we need to continually leave our sheltered places, peel back the fantasy layers and respond to the real needs that exist. That’s real life, man.

As we continue to float up towards the surface, we need to keep this dream alive. Each door we walk through, at the airport, onto the plane and into our homes, we drift further away from the lessons of help and hope we learned this week. Keep loving well, friends, hang on to this dream.

Now, it’s time to wake up.

Thanks for reading my posts! Someone else will be taking it from here for week two. I’ll be trolling in the comments to keep the new guy accountable to the high creative and journalistic standards we’ve developed. This is Neil Gilbert signing off.
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  1. Neil, thanks for the extra valued entertainment but more importantly, the creative insight into the world I have grown to love dearly. You are an amazing writer and your perspectives were a breath of fresh air. Thank you for guiding our hearts and minds to a place that makes God smile!

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