Nov 14, 2016 – Freedom from the Simulation Research

According to some unsubstantiated statistics, there’s a 20-50% chance that reality is fake and we are unwitting characters in some kind of virtual simulation. In fact, there are some billionaires in Silicon Valley, including Elon Musk, that are convinced what we experience as reality is actually fabricated inside a computer and are paying some scientists to help us break out. So, that’s going to be interesting. We might get stuck floating behind a bookshelf like Matthew McConaughey or stumble out onto a street of gold in heaven and be like – woah.

So, this is Marina. In the photo is Marina with her brother (purple shirt) along with the father of her two children. She’ll be living in this house along with Brenda, who is eight years old and Oscar who is two. Marina works in the school cafeteria and has a special arrangement to bring Oscar to work with her which is very helpful. She’s lived in the neighbourhood for thirteen years and previously lived across town in a neighbourhood called Hot Water. Sounds glamorous or like a place where you could get into some trouble. Never been myself.

Marcus Family

She moved to Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) as part of an earthquake resettlement arrangement and is quite satisfied with this area of town – especially since her new house will not have muddy floors or a leaky roof. Her children are most excited and are looking forward to their new room.

Ok, so our team built a second house today for Christian and Angela.

Christian Sr and family
That’s Christian in the salmon shorts.

This couple met working in the market as competitive dairy sellers but were able to overcome their differences and fell in love. They bonded over a shared affinity for yoghurt, milk and butter and brought Christian Jr. into the world as a result. Christian Sr. now works as a construction labourer. They are working on paying off the 3 remaining years on the loan for their land at a cost of $20 USD per month. In addition to their five year old son, an aspiring firefighter, they have a 3 month old daughter named Valentina. As they take possession of their home they are looking forward to living independently from extended family and having some privacy.

Today, witnessing the blessing of a house for these families felt like our reality and the kingdom of heaven drew a little closer together. Oh yeah, a tip for those scientists researching freedom from the simulation. Have they tried the tin we build these houses with? Because that stuff cuts skin like nobody’s business so, who knows, maybe it’s a quick fix for slicing the fabric of reality too. Check it out guys.

3 thoughts on “Nov 14, 2016 – Freedom from the Simulation Research”

  1. I would like to pay for some months on Christian and Angela’s loan. How do I make a donation to them so that they can apply it to their loan?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, Neil here. Thanks so much for your generosity. From what I understand, Shelter tries to discourage individual gifts because it causes dissent among residents and creates an unhealthy reliance on others for basic needs. If you wanted to give to Shelter as a whole, this is a great cause and you can make a donation through the Shelter website at Thanks again for reading and responding!

      1. Neil,
        Thank you for the link, I will be happy to make a donation to Shelter Canada. My boyfriend, Mike Spicer, is presently there as well although I believe he is on another building team. My prayers are with all of you.
        God’s blessings!

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