Welcome to El Salvador – Nov 13, 2016

Hello, and greetings from your trusty guest blogger for the week, Neil Gilbert. I am geared up to bring you the latest news from week one of this two week SunWest house building trip. I would advise you to expect the unexpected during the week – you may be thrilled with intrigue, captured by emotion or lulled into a gentle fog with a bit of dull writing thrown in just to keep you on your toes. Keep your head on a swivel, OK?

So, during our 6 hour layover at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, I had some time to contemplate life in America. It seems that most people during their long waits for flights, choose instead, to rate the airport. It has received a questionable 3.7 star rating on Google from an outlandish 1,573 reviews.  If you are looking for some real entertainment, check out some of the recent ones.

Ok, I’m getting off track.

Back on track. U.S Election aftermath. Ya, I’m going there.

We sit right in-between the distracting dinner guests of policy and politics which define our reality. The imperfect containers in which to place our ideals are cracked and wobbling bowls we can either choose to fill with spite and malice or with nourishing words and actions for others to partake of.

Quietly, in our own little spaces, we have full autonomy over our hearts and minds and actions. No matter the source of discourse, the state of turmoil or the threat of the autocrat, we control how we treat others; a comforting thought.

In times of peace or of war, poverty or affluence – listening with kindness, responding with grace and providing for those in need are among the greatest tasks we are called to.

Soothing the human soul is a small and simple job and there is no need for large scale consensus on social battlegrounds to do our work.

Let’s put down our blunt-force weapons of opinion, peace be still. We can simply let our actions speak for justice and equality across race and gender lines.

Despite the misguided letter of the law looming like a frightening spectre in the distance, persistent pursuit of care and kindness is a right that can never be taken from us. Be strong in these convictions, friends, and serve each other well.

This week, that’s my outlook. I’m in search of real human stories that transcend the clamour of social filibusters and connect the hopeless to the helpful.

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